This app, is super easy and effective way to teach your lovely toddlers writing numbers and calculate a early math quotation.

Using hand / pen gesture recognition technology, you just can start teach your toddler writing number from 0-9, and then you can teach them a simple add / minus quotation.

With this very unique and adorable UI, your toddler will love this app. and there is no other app as fun as this app :)

Since this is very early state application, we commit to update it constantly, to add more functionality to this app, so we definitely need your feedback or suggestions, if you don't mind you can drop us an email at

If you find any difficulities using this app, you can also send us an email at above.

-Mathboard Team-




Ankit Dec 5 at 19:38
Attractive Interface. It made me love maths again. :)
SAN3 Nov 19 at 4:04
Nice idea . My brother likes very much. He is weak in maths. But he is always using this apps. Thanks buddy :)
Yusak Setiawan Nov 19 at 23:52
Thanks Santhos, we plan to give more feature in this app :) Stay tuned and keep playing it :)
user915003 Nov 15 at 4:57
i and my sister very like this application, because we can learning with enjoy.
Riskie Kalimuda Nov 14 at 3:30
Great's very usefull for children to learn how to calculate numbers..For the next release, i hope this app could be answered by voices's very interesting maybe..:)
gue nardie Nov 14 at 3:04
learning with math board anytime and anywhere, cool..
M Reza Faisal Nov 13 at 1:28
great app for education...i use it, and i love it
Software Developer Nov 12 at 18:57
Yusak this is very nice. i had made a learning app called 'Letters and Numbers', it was awesome to see my daughter using it and start learning right away. I'm going to install the MathBoard later today and see what we can do. One point that strikes me, Do you think questions in the form of 1 + 2 = x would be more straightforward to work with for kids than x + 2 = 3? I imagine both forms are useful to learn but if I were to pick one to start with I'd choose the 1+2=x but maybe that's me, I'm no educator, I'm a Software Developer! Thanks for making this for the kids, so many will learn from this
Yusak Setiawan Nov 12 at 23:15
Hi Software Developer, Thank you for your feedback, since this is first release, and I will accomodate what you suggest for #MathBoard in the next release.
Yusak Setiawan Nov 12 at 12:20
Hi Everybody, this is my first app for #windows8, and you can download it from windows 8 store with FREE, since this is early state, this is just minimum feature, but we truly want to improve this app with more features and more educative. So I hope you enjoyed my work and I'm waiting for your vote :) -Yusak Setiawan-