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Loop Twister

Loop Twister is an advanced and intuitive beat-remixing app.

It turns your device into a creative and powerful machine designed for playing and realtime processing of musical loops.

Easy to use, loaded with 96 fresh sounding loops and quality DSP effects gives you endless possibilities of new making sounds for using in your own beats or just for playing and having fun.

Enjoy a range of cutting-edge studio loops made by Marcin Cichy, co-founder of "Skalpel" music act that released several Eps and albums on famous Ninja Tune label. Marcin currently works as music producer and mastering engineer at PlugAudioMastering.


Annonomus Person May 27 at 22:05
Please add screenshots!
Xyroid May 19 at 3:37
It looks promising app. If you can add screenshots then it would be great. Best of luck !
Larsenal May 20 at 19:56
Yes, screenshots would be very helpful. The app page linked to on iTunes looks pretty neat.
RichardTheKiwi May 18 at 21:59
I hope the app's more intuitive than the summary! The summary is certainly spoiler free on actual usage, if that was your aim.