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A Russian card game "Preferans" for 3 players.

With detailed ingame stats and ratings by other players.

Around 4000 active players and 20-100 playing tables at any time.

It is already available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry and I would like to port it to Windows mobile as well.

Main site:



Brandon Featherston May 20 at 21:24
Would love to learn how to play this game. Are other languages going to be eventually added?
Alexander Farber May 31 at 13:22
The rules are here:
Alexander Farber Jun 4 at 12:00
Yes, I'm adding English and German. I doubt many foreigners will play though.
RichardTheKiwi May 19 at 23:47
Is this going to be in Russian only? Will you localize it to at least English?