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CupCake Match

CupCake Match is a JavaScript based app which was intended to run on iOS.

I did modify some of the code to get the app to run on in IE10 on Windows 8. After modifying just a few lines of css the app started to run correctly.

After running my app through the simulator I got it to work on the Windows 8 App platform, and found it to be relativity simple converting apps to work with Windows 8.

I did have a certification issue where I had to change all my files to be UTF-8 encoded, but soon after I fixed the encoding I was able to port my app to Windows 8.

Thanks to all the commenters below.




Sachin S Jun 6 at 0:42
Well voted you up. Like other comments here, I also think making background less prominent will be good idea. App looks like fun!!!
EdwardCole Jun 4 at 17:09
Wow really cool app I want to play.
JAppleseed Jun 3 at 19:13
This is a great looking game. It makes me hungry.
bogus May 25 at 16:17
This app looks really great. Thanks for getting this to work on Windows8.
Blynn Jun 3 at 15:34
Thanks for your comment.
user1636093 May 25 at 13:51
Wow just for some reason it looks really sweet on IOS looking at the before
Blynn May 25 at 15:21
Thanks for the comment.
Leena Peterson May 25 at 4:58
Can you please share your experiences on porting this app..
Blynn Jun 3 at 15:34
This was a fairly simple HTML5 app to port over to the Windows Store there wasn't much to do except debug some UTF-8 issues.
KronoS May 22 at 14:18
You need to update your logo.
Blynn May 22 at 14:36
Can you be more specific?
KronoS May 29 at 16:26
Nevermind, it was missing but I realize now it's due to firewall issues and not being there.
Blynn May 21 at 14:59
Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to make it easier to play, and less distracting.
Brandon Featherston May 20 at 21:12
If you want to keep the zig-zag pattern, change it so that the cupcakes are centered on a solid color, and the zig-zag pattern can fill the borders. Or tone the area around where the cupcakes are to a more transparent color.
RichardTheKiwi May 19 at 23:53
Agree with all the comments about the zig-zag. Is this ported from another platform?
Blynn May 23 at 18:50
Yes I ported this from iOS.
Xyroid May 19 at 3:56
App idea is great, why you haven't brainstorm for designing. If you want zig-zag pattern then I would expect theme option for app. Let user choose background & color for app, it will rock.
entropy May 18 at 7:57
Looking at those red zig zag background makes user 's eyes tired. Consider changing it
Abu May 18 at 7:19
That zig-zag background makes the game playing screen look dull. You see the cups aren't much visible, you can at least make the game playing area have some different background