MetroClock is a simple but beautiful clock. This displays the time, the day of the week and date in a minimalist style. The app comes with a wide range of backgrounds. Also you can import your own background. The apps tile displays the clock when you are not in the app

It is not just a clock. It is an alarm too. You can set multiple alarms.


  • Live Clock
  • Two time modes
  • Multiple Alarms
  • Wide range of backgrounds
  • Import your own background
  • Multitask with the snap view
  • Live tile with a clock



sunder Nov 21 at 9:18
Awesome, let me try out.
user1733372 Nov 22 at 3:49
Great! The app is updated to have live tile with a clock
Dinesh Nov 17 at 9:46
good metro style clock!