A seemingly simple game whose power is amazing gameplay. Not hours but dozens of hours of gameplay are guaranteed. This game doesn’t need to have “epic” in its name to be epic. Be careful – Crystals are highly addictive and you play them at your own risk. See for yourself!

Game features:

  • Would like to face the challenge? Play in challenge mode! Prefer to de-stress? Choose relax mode!
  • Interesting and enriching gameplay bonuses
  • 3 completely different game looks – crystals, fruits and emoticons
  • 9 different assistants who help you during the game
  • Well-balanced levels will keep you at your toes
  • The fastest and most intense gameplay you’ve seen in any game of this type
  • After every game, take a look at your stats! Track them, show them off to your friends
  • Rich and lively graphics
  • Hotkeys (for desktop players) enable you to use 100% of your speed
  • No need for several clicks – swap crystals with one single move

Windows 8 features:

  • Live tile display – show new high scores, wide and small tile
  • Toast notification
  • Supports share option
  • Supports different view
  • Supports windows style settings



jonathanpeppers 2 days ago
Why are the graphics so bad?
Maciej Kachniarz 2 days ago
I'm sorry you don't like it. Fortunately many people enjoy it :)
jonathanpeppers 19 hours ago
Just saying a good graphic designer would do you some good.
user1813381 Nov 9 at 21:03
Great game! Really hard job. I hope that you can continue successfuly! ;)
Chris Newman Nov 7 at 1:19
Wow, 18 upvotes and no way to download this yet. How long must we wait???!
Maciej Kachniarz Nov 7 at 20:42
Nice to hear that you are waiting for release. Probably this weekend my app will be done :) I just need to improve some minor bugs.
Deepak Kamat Nov 5 at 5:11
I don't have Windows 8 and can't try this amazing looking game but I am sure it's as enjoyable as it looks. I love these types of classic puzzle games and I can spend hours playing it. Maybe when I get Windows 8 on my PC I will try this game :D
Maciej Kachniarz Nov 6 at 14:26
Thank you for such a positive comment :)