Cyber Attack

This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

The Cybernet, it connects us all. Without it, we are alone in the world. Some 'things' want that. The Cybernet is under attack by some strange invaders. Be the one to protect it, and save us all. Take control of the turret and stop these pathetic puny from infecting the mainframe.

Featuring two game modes, Survival and Wave, many different enemies, bosses, upgradable guns and city, stat tracking and much, much more.




AnkMannen Dec 10 at 8:49
Great game! You got my vote for top three! Written in c++/directx?
Logan Alan Nowak Dec 10 at 21:16
Nope, XNA via Monogame.
AnkMannen 2 days ago
Nice, playing around a bit with monogame myself. It's a fun and productive API.
Software Developer Dec 3 at 19:07
Don't forget to upload your demo video to be eligible for prizes.
Logan Alan Nowak Nov 15 at 0:25
Ended up making the game free. There is isn't enough interest for it to be justified as a paid application.
Software Developer Nov 15 at 2:32
I wish they would put Top Paid tiles in the store homepage, only people who click the group heading see paid apps... I think a lot of people are just clicking top paid, new releases, and missing clicking the heading.
Logan Alan Nowak Nov 15 at 7:08
Yeah, that's the feeling I'm getting as well. I wish the Windows Store was more like the Windows Phone Store, especially the new version of it with easier ways to discover apps.
John Haugeland Nov 9 at 14:13
I was going to try your game, and maybe bump you, but it's not available in store yet. Note that you used "books and reference" as your category, which is probably not intentional, and will need to be fixed for you to take the prize. If you reply to this comment once your app is in store, I'll see it, and then I can try your stuff :)
Logan Alan Nowak Nov 9 at 22:24
Wow, I didn't notice it was in that category. Thanks for the heads up. It's in the store now, or will be soon, but if you want to wait I'm adding a trial to it as well.