Finger Slayer

Finger Slayer is most thrilling reaction time game specially designed for Windows Store. Test your reaction time by trying to evade the guillotine blade.

Simply place your finger on guillotine circle and wait for 3,2,1 & Go count. After Go count remove your finger as soon as blade drops. The longer you wait till the blade falls the higher the score. Also if you remove your finger to early then the game ends so timing is essential.

★ Features: ✓ Play With Fingoo ✓ Endless Game Mode ✓ Realistic sound effects

▲ We're already working on a new update! In the mean time, please keep playing, keep reviewing, and keep sharing the app with your friends. We'll keep providing updates! :- )

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Play With Fingoos
Endless Game Mode
Realistic sound effects



mvark yesterday
It's good that you set the Age rating as 16+ :-) This is not definitely for kids
Yusak Setiawan Nov 13 at 1:12
Hi, finally you port your game to Windows 8, I played on IOS