Create Multiple tasks for your deliverable and share it to recipients of your choice by email. Now project tasks can reach your team and it is just a charm away

  1. Create tasks for your deliverable
  2. share tasks through the share charm


John Haugeland Nov 13 at 14:35
This actually looks pretty useful. The contest requires screenshots and an icon; make sure not to miss out. Upvoted.
Rajkumar Balakrishnan Nov 13 at 18:15
Thanks John... Now can you help me on how to maintain a rich profile.. The current setting isn't permitting me to even like your app.. says I need atleast 15 reputation... can you help ?
John Haugeland Nov 13 at 19:44
The way to get your reputation up is to ask or answer a question on StackOverflow. Once three people upvote your thing, you're good to go.
John Haugeland Nov 13 at 19:44
And honestly, good questions on StackOverflow tend to get three upvotes in a matter of an hour or two.