This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

RunGen is a running app unlike anything else. You can log runs, track runs on a calendar, view past runs, and find out optimal training paces. If you do not know what to do for your run, this app will give you an idea of what to do. RunGen is based off your previous performances and works for anyone from the elite level to the novice level.




Santhoshkumar Nov 19 at 4:11
Different idea. Nice.
kishore1021 Nov 18 at 22:28
Nice app. I see in one of the screens, user can customize the displayed color and you brought up color picker dialog. What API or control did you use for that? Thanks
westfarn Dec 3 at 14:17
The Color Picker is a custom made for the app. If you want to use it let me know.