Draw Work Notes

Draw Work Notes is for Windows 8 tablets and PCs

This is a virtual piece of paper with room to scribble your work notes or to create drawing and diagrams in the field.

Provides a dead simple way to draw a diagram or take quick notes with you finger. Zero learning curve. Create and share notes and sketches with others. Easily save drawings to Skydrive or any cloud storage account.

Draw Work Notes lets you:

  • Create: Draw onto a note with your finger you would on paper
  • Edit: Move, recolor and undo drawing
  • Save: Keep notes to your favorite folders or cloud accounts
  • Share: Email diagrams to anyone
  • Work: Keep your work stuff separate and secure

Use Draw Work Notes to:

  • Draw and Share
  • Create diagrams in the field
  • Add drawing to field service reports
  • Share ideas with your team
  • Record meeting notes
  • Project drawing as a whiteboard



Software Developer Dec 3 at 17:59
Don't forget to submit a demo video to be eligible for prizes.
John Haugeland Nov 27 at 19:37
I gave you an upvote because I find this useful. I'm a little surprised you filed it in Business rather than Tools, though.
sunder Nov 21 at 9:07
nice app dude. Does this support both capacitive and resistive touch or you have developed for a special kind.
Santhoshkumar Nov 19 at 3:56
Different app. Nice :)
kishore1021 Nov 18 at 22:32
Nice idea. I liked the way you used the touch feature and as a next version feature, you can add saving the notes and renaming the saved notes name. So I can have like a daily notes and then I can go back and see a notes for a particular day.
Sant14 Nov 18 at 17:07
Good impression.........