Disco Pulse

This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

Get your fingers grooving to the beat of Disco Pulse, the fabulous new rhythm game designed for touchscreen Windows 8 tablet devices.

Using two fingers as your dancer's legs, boogie across the dancefloor in time with the music. Watch the color-coded pulse and step on the corresponding tiles, while a thumping selection of original dance tracks gets your whole body moving.

The unique gameplay requires you to actually "dance". One finger ("leg") must remain down while the other moves - or you'll fall over!

Compete in online leaderboards to see how you're doing against players around the world.

Desktop/laptop users can play in "mouse mode". But that makes it a totally different game - with totally separate leaderboards!

Windows 8 Features:

  • Windows style hub for song selection
  • Designed for touch: gameplay experience is best on a Surface or other Windows tablet
  • Brag about your high scores and talk about the songs you like via Share charm
  • Live tile displays high score and your rank for the last song you played
  • Uses Microsoft Advertising with in-app purchase to remove ads.

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    Dmitry Ossipov Dec 10 at 16:23
    Great Fun indeed, Best of luck in Semi-Finals. Enjoyed your app a LOT ;) You've got my vote
    Chris Newman Dec 10 at 17:13
    Thanks for the very kind comment. Glad you're enjoying it!
    Chris Newman Dec 7 at 0:01
    Wow! Got the video in with 6 minutes to spare. And a new load of music just got delivered. We have 6 new tracks to add, which will be delivered over the air and go to the game over the next few days!
    Chris Newman Dec 6 at 12:41
    We made it - the app has been certified! Video will be added soon!
    Software Developer Dec 6 at 18:22
    Time to fingerdance!
    Chris Newman Dec 6 at 19:49
    Did you download it already? Let me know if you think the score targets to unlock each song are too easy or too hard. We think you should progress nicely, but we do know the game pretty well!
    Software Developer Dec 7 at 15:39
    I think it's too hard in easy mode on level 1. Using two fingers I couldn't hang at all... I did four fingers and got 50k so that was playable... with two fingers I didn't feel like I was even in the game. Others will probably take to it better. I can't say I was ever any good at dance dance revolution... But hey there is this other rhythm game with 4 fingers you can make...
    Software Developer Dec 7 at 16:06
    Also I like that you are cross promoting your apps like that. Have you seen adduplex.com before?
    Chris Newman Dec 7 at 22:40
    Yeah I did see that, I believe it's the only other advertising option than PubCenter unless you roll your own, so that's what we did :) Looking at the scores coming in, some are getting the hang of it, most are getting four-figure scores so we might need to tweak it a bit. One suggestion was to only move on every other beat in easy mode - do you think that would help get you into the game?
    Software Developer Dec 7 at 23:28
    Maybe a half beat training level or something... wouldn't want to water down the game for people who are not gamers... If you see a good percentage appear to succeed and get good scores I'd stick with what ya got going... but was too hard for me just walking in. tough to judge.
    Chris Newman Dec 4 at 19:39
    Submitted! I know, we're cutting this one a little fine, but our last app got certified in under 24 hours so there's hope. If it doesn't make it into the contest, look out for it in the Store soon anyway :)
    John Haugeland Dec 4 at 21:02
    I really hope it gets in in time. :|
    John Haugeland Dec 4 at 21:02
    But I've never had an auth that fast. I've never actually had one in under five days.
    Chris Newman Dec 4 at 21:58
    Great Windows Apps (also in the contest, entered by my other half) was submitted at 3.30am after a late night, we had a certification email dated 6.05am. Our last three updates were all < 24 hours too. Hearing a lot of similar stories the past week or so.
    John Haugeland Dec 5 at 0:59
    Well, here's to hoping that things are going faster now. I admit, I haven't placed an update in more than a month - only new apps. I hope it works out well for you :)
    Chris Newman Dec 5 at 2:26
    Thanks. I'm watching what's going on... it was 17 minutes from the end of the automatic Technical Compliance check until a human looked at the game. 5 games played already... not doing very well though, still stuck on the first track :) I'll hold back for a few "real" users before deciding whether we set the unlock rules too high!
    Chris Newman Dec 5 at 2:58
    Ten games later... could I have a decision now please? Or are you having too much fun over there? :) The scoring went from poor, poor, poor... to suddenly nearly 1,000,000 points. Which is a lot, in case you were wondering. Maximum score on most songs is about 1.5mil. Perhaps it's getting passed around and they just discovered someone with a misspent youth :) I really should sleep, but how can I, when someone at Microsoft is playing our game? :)
    Chris Newman Dec 5 at 3:04
    Three more games with decent scores. They've unlocked four songs now. Someone's loving it... (then again, last time we had this much attention for an app, they seemed to sit on it for a week and then failed it for something nonsense) Hey, reviewer! Enjoying your job much? :)
    Chris Newman Nov 24 at 16:43
    We've cracked two-player mode and finally got a third person in the room so we could make a video. Actually the UI has already changed quite a bit from what you see here, we'll update the solo mode gameplay shortly - hopefully with some original music too :)
    John Haugeland Nov 27 at 22:29
    Very nice. Gave you an upvote.
    Chris Newman Nov 27 at 22:51
    Thanks John. We're having a blast making this. I can also sense the steam coming out of the ears on our crazy musician - he's committed to giving us twelve original dance tracks before the contest closes! We'll submit it later this week it with a few bundled, then deliver the rest over the air.
    Chris Newman Dec 4 at 19:23
    Bah, actually two-player mode turned out to be too unresponsive and requires some more significant optimisation than we have time to do for this contest. The version submitted to the store now is single player only. Two player update coming soon!
    Richard Nov 21 at 13:57
    I assume this is also on the list, but a funky looking dancer would be cool. If you can hook into XBox live and get people's avatars that would be really cool. Looks ace though, and I can't wait to try it.
    Chris Newman Nov 21 at 14:12
    What a cracking idea. We've been thinking about how to develop the dancer into our own character, or even having a little group of dancers. I hadn't considered using a custom avatar. Right now I have no idea if that's possible, but it's now on the list to find out :)
    Chris Newman Dec 4 at 19:25
    We've just submitted the app. Fingers crossed it gets certified in time - nothing like cutting it fine is there? We have a silhouette dancer graphic, which responds quite awesomely to your finger taps. You have to see this! :)
    Software Developer Dec 4 at 20:17
    Should make it if it passes, I've been seeing 24 hour approvals.
    StarlitSkies Nov 21 at 12:34
    Can't wait to have a rhythm game on my Surface! :o) Not sure about the icon but I assume it's temporary? Looking forward to seeing this develop! :o)
    Chris Newman Nov 21 at 12:39
    Consider everything temporary right now :) I just wanted to start showing people what we're doing! But it will come together quickly. We have an awesome team working on this!
    Software Developer Nov 21 at 14:12
    This looks really cool. Keep up the good work.
    Chris Newman Nov 21 at 14:12
    Thanks! Keep checking back for updates :)
    Chris Newman Dec 4 at 19:26
    App submitted. Video to follow this evening!