i Play

The better way to enjoy your movies.


  • automatically resumes from last position viewed
  • auto hide mouse pointer
  • auto hide control panel
  • multiple display sizes
  • scroll mouse wheel to adjust volume
  • tap/click anywhere, or press the space bar to pause
  • large font for distant control
  • support multiple sound tracks
  • support audio balance
  • supports subtitles (currently support .srt file only)
  • customized subtitle font size and color
  • auto open subtitle when replaying
  • auto save settings




BenBtg Nov 22 at 22:37
I would definitely suggest you reconsider the name if you plan to be available in the UK. Unless you can afford some very good lawyers.
Chris Newman Nov 22 at 15:44
Be careful, iPlayer is a trademark of the BBC. They're kind of a big deal.
SAN3 Nov 22 at 6:40
Useful app. I like the resume option. Can we have subtitle time adjust option, taking screen shot option ?.