This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

Craigslist - unofficial 3d party client for portal. It allows you find whatever you want nearby in modern and convenient way.

Application uses semantic zoom to navigate between hundreds of categories and locations to search in. It also incorporate system search charm in order to provide ability to initiate search even if application isn't inactive.

During browsing postings craigslist tracks which adverts you seen and changes their visibility after the next launch.




DreamTeam Mobile Dec 4 at 17:26
Craigslist application has just been certified and available at Windows Store!
AJohn Nov 30 at 10:42
A good app making good use of windows 8 ui styles.
Chris Newman Nov 29 at 11:01
Wow, a 3D Craigslist client! Do I need special glasses? ;)
DreamTeam Mobile Nov 30 at 14:19
It is advances 3d technology so you can see effect even without special glass. All you need is Windows 8 :)
Santhoshkumar Nov 29 at 9:58
Very useful application. Can we change the background and tiles color ? Is it work in India ?
DreamTeam Mobile Nov 29 at 17:10
India locations are not supported for now. We will add support for every location available at Option to change color will also be available with one of the subsequent release.
Pierre Henri K Nov 29 at 9:41
Good design. Would you consider a side-by-side view? A little like my PressPlay app, where you can open one item in "snapped" view and keep looking at the others.
DreamTeam Mobile Nov 29 at 9:52
Hello, snapped view will be supported as part of new windows style design. Thanks for question!