Tune Up

This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

Why buy a separate tuner to take around with you when you already have your pc or tablet with you that can do the job. In fact it can probably do the job better than most cheap tuners on the market.

Tune Up helps you tune any instrument. it works by finding the note nearest to what is heard, and then shows how flat or sharp it is using a needle on the screen, as well as how many percent of a semitone (cents) the note is off center.

Tune Up is a chromatic tuner, which means that you can tune to any note, not just particular ones. This is a great help for getting high notes in tune on wind instruments.

If you are using a transposing instrument, you can also select its key, for example a Trumpet, Clarinet, or Saxophone. For guitar, piano, flute, etc., choose the key of C.

If you are playing a guitar, choose the key of C, and the neck of a guitar is shown where you can play tuning notes for each string as well.




vignesh4303 Dec 4 at 12:54
i would like to suggest "please change the name of the application" since at the first sight the application may sound users that it may be an system tweaking utility
Software Developer Dec 4 at 15:46
But I thought it was going to make my car run better! Guess lot's of things can be tuned up, especially instruments.
Software Developer Dec 3 at 20:31
Don't forget to post a demo video to be eligible for prizes.