TvAddict Lite

This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

TvAddict is an application that brings you full control over your favorite Tv Shows and Movies. Tracking episode releases and keeping your home Movie collection has never been so easy! By adding your Tv Shows and Movies to Watchlist, you can keep track of every episode or movie you've seen. Every new release will be announced so you don't miss a thing! Ever forgot to whom have you borrowed a movie from your home collection? Let that not worry you anymore! TvAddict will keep track of any borrowed item and remind you if you forget.

Long story short, if you are a tv show or movie fanatic, this app is made for you!




Software Developer Dec 6 at 16:44
I love tv... too much.
Dmitry Ossipov Dec 6 at 16:58
We love it too ;) That's where the ideas came from. We'll be happy to hear any feedback or feature suggestions! Hope you enjoy the app
esskar Dec 6 at 11:43
this looks promissing. will check it out at home. but give you 1 up. maybe you can do the same for me. cheers.