Do you think that life is boring with no holidays in it? - You just do not know about them!

✓ Do you want to know your age in weeks or even seconds?

✓ Do you want to congratulate your friends on the Mercurial centenary?

✓ Or maybe you want to know how long your nails might have grown if you'd never cut them?

Then Jubilator is just what you need!

✓ Extraordinary anniversaries

✓ Interesting facts

✓ Live Tiles

All this makes Jubilator fun and easy to use. You only need to add events and being ready to have fun.

Planned features:

  • Theme support (at least one light theme)
  • Using sharing contracts to share current anniversaries



vignesh4303 Oct 24 at 13:28
application logo is missing mate?black nd black combination sounds vague ,any option to change the combination?
ie. Oct 25 at 7:41
@vignesh4303 not yet, but themes support are planned