Mobile Chef

This is actually a "cook learning" application. With this application one can make their variety of Indian dishes offline by looking through the ingredients list and doing procedure. Dishes are categorised as per locations like North Indian Cuisine, East Indian Cuisine etc. You will be guided with the screenshot for cooking the food step by step.

Why the name Mobile chef is that you can bring your ultrabook to ur kitchen and you can make a delicious dish with the help of this small application itself...

This application includes the tile feature for user interaction which is an unique feature of Windows store application( from buttons). This app includes snapped views, scroll views etc. It supports portrait mode too. Try this guyzzz...



vignesh4303 Oct 24 at 13:25
application design looks fine according to description,waiting for download link of an application
Nishallini Oct 24 at 13:41
Thank u :) I had upload it in store..Certification is in progress..ll update the download link soon...:)