QR Stylist [ineligible]

This app has been marked ineligible for the contest by Abby T. Miller  and will be deleted shortly.

QR Stylist allows you to easily create 2D barcodes.

You can create codes for email addresses, telephone numbers, contact cards, and websites to name a few. Just press a button, choose a contact, and the QR code is created nearly instantly

QR Stylist supports sharing on Windows 8, so fire up the share charm, and send the barcode to another program, or send other program output to the QR Stylist.

If you have a Windows Phone, you can also easily select a contact on the PC, press the search button on the phone that needs the contact, hit the vision button, and scan the contact in.

If you had this app on your phone you'll find it even easier to use on the PC. The app is both a share target a and a share source, so it's even easier to generate QR codes on your Windows 8 machine.

The program now supports VCARD format for contact cards, allowing you to store multiple addresses in the QR barcode.



Abby T. Miller  Nov 28 at 20:52
This app was submitted to the Windows Store prior to the beginning of the Apptivate event, and is therefore ineligible for the contest.
Abhinandy Oct 27 at 17:54
generally this idea is a good one...
gyurisc Oct 26 at 8:07
Very good idea!