The Green Asterisk

This is a simple app I put together based on a framework I made for a "vanity" app. It pulls recent Tweets from one or more Twitter handles, recent blog posts from one or more blogs, and an array of contact information. When you click on any one of these items, it displays a preview pane with that item/site.

In particular, this app is for and its owner/operator, @LordSteve.



Software Developer Dec 3 at 17:59
Don't forget to submit a demo video to be eligible for prizes.
Robert Gawdzik Oct 2 at 0:35
Are you talking about the app or the article?
Zack Williamson Oct 2 at 14:44
I'm talking about the app. What article are you referring to?
Robert Gawdzik Sep 28 at 21:45
This was not released after the 26th.
Zack Williamson Oct 2 at 0:00
Actually, it was. It was released on the 28th.