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Meanings is a dictionary app for windows 8 with rich user interface. This brings you Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms and Example for a given word. This app gives you the real dictionary experience. This app supports landscape view, filled view, snapped view and portrait view. Meanings can speak the given word. This supports sharing content, so users can share (tweet or email or any other) the word they have searched and its meaning, and in tiles user can get the last word he searched and its meaning. This supports large tiles.




Sachin S Jun 4 at 16:38
Just a doubt, is porting of iGoogle(which is not android app) gadgets is valid for this competition?
Isham Mohamed Jun 5 at 3:46
Yes, In Contest overview page ( Under Rules, Terms, and Conditions point 2 Promotion Overview, they stated "Entrants will also become educated on migrating an existing published app (from an alternative platform like Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Blackberry, etc.) and porting it to a Windows Store app. " So I think this is a valid entry.
Isham Mohamed Jun 5 at 3:49
iGoogle is also a platform..
S S Jun 5 at 21:27
I just read banner which says iOS/Android apps. You have developed a nice application.
Isham Mohamed Jun 6 at 2:57
Thanks for your feedback :)
Isham Mohamed Jun 4 at 15:18 This is a Vine video clip I have made for the upcoming upgrade of this app. That is yet to be certified
Dediqated May 30 at 7:28
Just looking at the screenshots I would say that the horizontal scroll bars are quite annoying. Maybe try breaking the lines so everything is better to read?
Isham Mohamed May 30 at 15:05
You are quite right, but some descriptions of some words are longer..
KronoS May 29 at 16:29
Why is this a paid app when the site itself is free? Why not use advertising as a source of revenue instead of charging to purchase the app?
Isham Mohamed May 30 at 4:49
I am from sri lanka, unfortunately Microsoft Windows 8 ads program not available in Sri lanka. But the current price is very cheap comparing to other same category apps...
Danny Miller May 24 at 18:55
Can you share a bit about your experience porting this app?
Isham Mohamed May 24 at 20:09
Previously this was originally a web service from and I saw this in iGoogle gadget (…). Then I ported this to Windows 8
Ranga May 23 at 18:48
Superb demo video. But The speak button is not available now??
Isham Mohamed May 23 at 18:56
yes its in the next version of app, that version is yet to certify
Isham Mohamed May 27 at 20:27
The next version is available to download now.…
Isham Mohamed May 23 at 8:40
I have added the 'Speak' button to pronounce the given word in en-us language in the next version and submitted for certification.
Muhammed Mufees May 23 at 5:50
I have downloaded this app, this is great. Please add speak button to speak some words.
user2129013 May 21 at 17:21
Probably a better app. Please add voice support for words. UI looks calm and cool. I own this app and this is very useful while studying...
Brandon Featherston May 20 at 21:18
Possibly add voice support? I find that sometimes it is very difficult to even come close to the correct spelling for certain words. If the app could allow me to speak the word and then show me a list of words that could match, that would make this amazing.
user2129013 May 21 at 16:30
Yes that will be very useful..
Isham Mohamed May 27 at 20:26
Speak button added. Thank you for your suggestion
Xyroid May 19 at 3:54
Please improve your graphic designing for app, I bet you will rock in Windows Store. And yeah, offline dictionary will be bliss for WinRT devices. Best of luck!
Isham Mohamed May 20 at 14:57
Thanks you so much
Isham Mohamed May 27 at 20:26
I have improved the graphic design.
Abu May 18 at 7:08
If this works without an internet connection(may be after one time download) then it will be great
Isham Mohamed May 20 at 14:57
Thanks for your comment