Markdown Edit

Markdown Edit is a simple text editor for Windows 8 that supports Markdown syntax. It supports HTML preview, sharing and printing.

Version 1.0 is now available on the Windows Store.

Development Notes

Markdown Edit was created with JavaScript/HTML.

Version 1.1 has been submitted and adds support for find and pin to start.

Version 1.2 is being prepared for submission. It adds Import/Export of HTML documents on the App Bar. Selected text is now shared for apps that support text sharing (e.g., MetroTwit). Added setting to select the color theme. Added setting for default cursor position when opening a document. Plus minor bug fixes.



Knownasilya yesterday
Please add a screenshot, thanks!
Abhinandy Oct 27 at 18:03
lovely idea I will try to download it
sgonzalez Oct 4 at 13:01
Looks very clean and polished! Great embracement of the metro user experience!
gyurisc Oct 4 at 8:53
Great idea! Would love to beta test it!