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Delhi-NCR Metro

With more than 75 thousand users on iOS and Android App Store, FINOIT TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to bring "Delhi-NCR Metro" on Windows Store as well. It is an effort to append convenience and flexibility to National/International tourists and proud Delhiites by providing essential information related to Delhi Metro System as well as of Delhi. It is an offline application, which once installed, provides all the information of Delhi Metro and much more. It has been designed with a very user centric approach, with some of the most updated features.

Main features • Route Search - Provides fare information between two station, total time, number of stops, and number of switches between the intermediate stations.
• Displays multiple possible paths to reach destination location.
• Route search results on Nokia Maps and individual station information.
• Categorically segregated list of important places of Delhi e.g. Hospitals, Malls, Tourist & Religious places.
• Information of all the lines, individual stations, first train timings, feeder bus service information, exit gates information, parking, lift, elevator facilities information etc.
• An offline application with advanced features which works magic while online e.g. Search stations "By Address" using Nokia Maps.
• Application provides "Search Nearby" functionality which gives nearest metro stations using your current location from GPS.
• Details related to Lines, Metro stations, Tokens, Smart cards and other type of cards have been updated.

Windows phone features that we have used:
• Keeping the user experience same as of Windows, We made our app to use flat layout instead of using gradient and texture as in case of iOS and Android versions.
• Used Windows default Pivot View for displaying "Attractions" and "Nearby Places" feature instead of regular scrollview.
• Moved to Windows Nokia maps from Android's Google maps and iOS Apple maps.
• Used Windows default turn style for page navigation.
• used Windows universal Appbar for implementing tab bar architecture.
• Default windows style loader while showing activity to the user.
• Long list selector and jump style list for implementing list views.
• Used Default push pins and also designed custom pins for displaying various locations on Nokia maps.
• In order to accomplish email services, User rating and map and location services, we used Windows native libraries and classes like EmailComposeTask, MarketplaceReviewTask and respectively.
•Included in-app setting for location services permission.




Ankit Jun 4 at 12:16
Attractions and nearby places feature looks gr8. Good work.
user2450436 Jun 4 at 6:11
Very good application easy to understand and very useful for all metro user. Good Job Guys!
Napster Jun 4 at 6:01
Its Simply Awesome.. Really very convenient to use & highly practical app dat includes everything from fare to route to map and even includes the attractions of DELHI ! Great job FINOIT ! \m/
Shubham Jun 3 at 8:00
awesome app...nice to use it offline...advertisement free...
Shubham gupta Jun 3 at 8:00
Awesome app..:) the best part of it is its offline because of that its fast:) UI is also very user friendly..:)
Passion Jun 3 at 7:59
Guys please vote up also with comment, For voting see the four tiles on the left click on thumbs up icon.
Khushwant Jun 3 at 7:59
Been searching for a good metro app for a long time. Finally i got this. Would recommend to everyone. "Near by" feature is very useful.
Deepak Joshi Jun 3 at 7:46
Really nice App, Nice UI, overall user friendly and all information is there. Thumbs UP for the developer.
Bunny Jun 3 at 7:21
nice app., been very helpful for me in locating some places in Delhi
user2446852 Jun 3 at 7:02
There are few apps which you always want in your phone. Delhi NCR metro is definitely one of them.
karn Jun 3 at 6:55
Very handy application. Gives you all the information you need for traveling on Delhi metro. Good work.
Sandeep Chauhan Jun 3 at 6:55
Nice App , Great Features and easy to use....
Chirag Jain Jun 3 at 6:51
Mind Blowing App.... Used it on Android and now I am getting it on my windows phone. Awesome :)
Farzi Jun 3 at 6:46
Nice App. Great help for a Non-Delhiite
Passion Jun 3 at 6:37
Awesome app, a must for Delhi people.
strike Jun 3 at 6:43
Nice User-Interface, almost every useful info related to Delhi Metro is available in this App.