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This app is a Grand Prize Winner in the Apptivate.MS developer contest!

Eduheap provides a productive and efficient environment for students to get high quality education online. We have brought together content from all top universities and multiple sources at a single place for you to consume.

What's more?

Using eduheap is a piece of cake and you will be amazed how efficient we have made it for you to study and needless to say it is and will always remain free.


We recently got a "good" rating from applabs.

We took a beta test among students of a local school, got very positive feedback.

Note: The app does meet the criteria. Our original idea was to get the android app ready and we started working on it and a month later we started working on the windows 8 app. Unintentionally, the windows 8 app was completed first and we released it to the market. The android app is on its way to google play. So, yes its a port of an android app. The UI is taken from the android app.




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