Metro Commander


Metro Commander is an orthodox file manager that provides a user interface to work with files in Windows UI Style using operations performed on files or folders files such as: create, open, view, rename, move, copy, delete, search and share. Metro Commander contains convenient navigation buttons (back, forward, root etc.). Application allows user to connect to SkyDrive account and work with his\her files and folders.


  • Convenient navigation
  • Copy, move, rename and delete of files and folders
  • Video and Images preview
  • Bulk operations
  • Creation of files and folders
  • Share support to other apps
  • Search of files and folders
  • SkyDrive access

Built in tools in the next version

  • File compare/merge tool
  • Text editor with syntax highlighting
  • File archiver (all modern archive formats support)



Rahat Khanna Nov 18 at 14:16
The app is good for users only on WinRT Devices. Are the files opening in their respective Application by clicking them in this App.
bajlepa Nov 18 at 16:14
Not only for WinRT. For all tablet PC will be good.
b0x0rz Nov 11 at 9:10
oh my god. awesome!!
bajlepa Nov 11 at 9:12
thanks :) look at 8 Zip also
Abhinandy Oct 27 at 18:05
good idea i will try it...
bajlepa Oct 28 at 16:22
look at 8 Zip also
mjhannaf Oct 5 at 0:56
Nice app! Only thing lacking would be the ability to open files
bajlepa Oct 5 at 7:35
Metro Commander opens files using associated programs, if you tap on file item, this works for all file types except .exe due to WinRT restriction.
mjhannaf Oct 5 at 10:59
Hmm, I tried to open a .docx file from my SkyDrive and it failed to open. Maybe a bug?
bajlepa Oct 5 at 12:26
Opening files from SkyDrive will be added in the next version.
mjhannaf Oct 5 at 12:52
Ok, sounds good!
JBurace Nov 14 at 21:48
Is the SkyDrive part fixed?
bajlepa Nov 15 at 6:36
You mean a opening files from SkyDrive?