Eduheap is a video platform where you can watch or publish educational videos of almost all categories. You can connect and collaborate with other people who are or have watched the same videos as you. You can also live chat with other people on Eduheap. Eduheap brings videos from many sources to one single, centralized destination so you wouldn't have to search for individual videos. Eduheap will be the better itunesU for Windows8.

We have already started building the app and hopefully it will be completed in few weeks. In the meantime, you can have a look at our website Read more about eduheap at The website will give you a rough idea on how the app will look like.

"I am not a robot, excellence guaranteed. You will love eduheap."



  1. Ability to search from about 600 courses and 17000 videos.
  2. Ability to favorite courses and channels.
  3. Ability to track your progress in a course.
  4. Ability to search wikipedia while watching a video.
  5. Ability to rate a video.


  1. Better navigation.
  2. Chat while you watch.
  3. Access to common utilities like calculator, periodic table.
  4. Ability to take notes while watching a video.

The UI below are not final. The UI may change, more controls will be added.



Software Developer Nov 20 at 13:14
hi, you screenshots and app icon are not displaying... The root of the domain loads so it looks like the server is up.
Ashwin Singh Nov 20 at 16:42
Oops! Fixed, thank you for notifying.
Mamta Dalal Oct 8 at 3:43
Great idea! Looking to see further phases and progress.
James Poulson Oct 5 at 6:39
Had an inside tour. Great concept. Hope to see it completed soon.