Clamban is a virtual Kanban board. It is most useful when classic boards are impractical, like when multiple project groups use multiple meeting rooms or the teams are split. The usage is intuitive, using drag&drop and simple menus. The columns turn red when the configured ticket limit is reached.

The Clamban board consists of several columns. Each column has a title and a limit. If the number of tasks in the column exceeds the limit, the column turns red.

You can add new columns by activating the context menu (right mouse button) and clicking the "new column" button. You can change the title and the limit by double-clicking the column header. You can remove the last column by clicking the "remove last column" button in the context menu.

You can add new tasks to the most left column by clicking the "new task" button in the context menu. A task has a title, a description and a type. The type can be normal (white background), red or green. You can move a task using drag'n drop and delete it by moving it to the trash bin.

You can load or save the content of your board to a file by using the "open" and "save" buttons in the context menu.

Save your files to the local file system, network shares, USB sticks or SkyDrive. No registration or internet connection needed.



clam Oct 20 at 14:06
Finally I added (self-made) button icons for the app bar.
Grigmin Oct 8 at 15:45
Is the data stored on a common back end such that I can have multiple of these opens and they would show the same information? Would it be possible to an existent back end? For instance, a JIRA back end. I think that would be very interesting to have.
clam Oct 8 at 18:12
The current version stores the data in the file system, so you could use a file share or a usb stick. The idea was to be able to use it offline. But yes, alternatively having a back end could be interesting as there would be new possibilities like automatic synchronization.