Interest Calculator is a App which is helpful for Calculating the interest for the given Principal, Time and Rate of Interest. In this App a user can calculate Simple Interest, Compound Interest. Compound Interest can be calculated even Yearly, Half Yearly Or Quarterly. So By using this App a user can reduce his/her burden in calculating Various things


kishore1021 Nov 18 at 23:45
I like your idea. I see the app is not in the store. Let me know if you need any help. I also published an app recently - it took numerous attempts to get through certification and in the process I learnt a lot. You can see my app at I hope you like it!
Rinkalkumar Oct 23 at 12:24
PLease provide screenshot and logo of your application and similarly you can develop something like EMI calculator too. :)
Abby T. Miller  Oct 11 at 15:45
Hi! Just want to let you know that as per the contest rules, your app submission must include a screenshot (or at least a mockup) to be eligible for the first phase of the event. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!