Originally created as a website (which is and will be avalible at RememberMyLinks helps you while browsing the web ... (The website itself is useable and free as is by the way ...)

From the website:

... when browsing the web, you often see things you're very amused about. Later when beeing at school or at work, you want to show the fancy stuff to someone else. But what was that link? You'll go out and google some keywords you remeber of the context your stuff was about. But after some minutes of googling, you'll likely give up, cause you simply won't be able to find that link again.

That's where comes in.

When you now come about fancy stuff, paste the link here. We provide rich search functionality, to simply re-find links you pasted before. You'll likely be able to find the links in seconds, instead of minutes of googleing. (meanwhile you colleague gets bored)

Never ever forget that link again!


  • Store Url and assign it a name
  • Associate tags
  • full text search inside of the side the url points to (as far as it's a public website)
  • search using windows 8 search contract
  • save links using the windows 8 share contract
  • more stuff will come when people get interested!

Technical infos:

The clients are using OpenId/OAuth to authenticate. The App itself will be created using C# and XAML. Communication with the server is (hopefully) secure thought SSL/TLS.

Current state: Preview (not in store yet)

Currently working on / ToDo:

  • Testing and preparing for first preview release
  • ...

What has been done:

  • Server side OpenId API to work with the WebView-Control
  • Client side authentication
  • authentication using live account for silent login
  • Add search functionality using Windows Search contract
  • Add links using Share contract
  • Share saved links with other apps
  • Save any links (not only http!)
  • Windows Live login for website

I am looking for help on the project! If you want to contribute feel free to contact me by mail, or on facebook.




Abhinandy Oct 28 '12 at 5:41
gOOD IDEA.....................
Martin Oct 11 '12 at 23:02
Looks like a good app
MatthewThepc Oct 11 '12 at 1:28
Could you make it possible to authenticate with a user's Microsoft Account? Just saying, since many apps currently out authenticate with Microsoft Account, so it might just help to provide a more consistent UI. It's not using OpenID, but the Live SDK makes it relatively straightforward.
GameScripting Oct 11 '12 at 6:44
I am already working on it. I had not that mutch time to spend on researching the live SDK (bug fixes first), I've downloaded it already,it will be the next thing to work on. I'll make authentication though window live the prefered authentication mechnism, since it provides the best end user expirence. Good point through :)