Play Wordastic

While playing wordastic, the game chooses a word from a large list and displays the characters randomly. You have 50 seconds to form the word

what should i do? tap or type (on keyboard) the letters to form the word. the header changes from red to white if you have made a mistake. undo button should undo the last change.

how are points awarded? you get 50 seconds to complete the word. you lose a point for every second. its impossible to get 50 points for any word. however say you took 5 seconds to complete a word, you would get 45 points for a correct word (even if you guessed a different word)

game options 20 words - this gives you 20 words per play. 5 minutes - you get as many words as you can play for upto 5 mins. guess faster, score higher winning streak - keep playing and increase your score as long as you guess correctly. wrong guess, and the run is over. Read less


•word play with 25-30K word lists in 35+ Languages •touch / keyboard / mouse friendly



Abhinandy Oct 28 at 5:40
great way to increase your vocab.........
Mamta Dalal Oct 1 at 5:05
@StarlitSkies and @Chris Newman, Thanks for your replies. No, am not looking for streams of pseudocodes but a gist of what you have achieved. If you see "Bing My Lockscreen", the kind of gist he has included, that would be what I m looking for. I dont know what reviewers expect but this kind of info would surely be helpful.
Hermit Dave Oct 16 at 10:14
what i included is the actual app description.. not sure what exactly you are looking for but i will have a look at your app
StarlitSkies Sep 30 at 12:22
When the advert refreshes typing stops working until you tap a letter. The timer doesn't pause whilst you are considering an in app purchase. It isn't clear whether the in app purchase unlocks the hint option forever or for a one time use. It wasn't clear where to find the option to change the type of game - going straight into a game with no explanation on first launch is rather disorientating. Having scores from different game modes all in one high score table doesn't make a lot of sense as the possible maximum scores vary greatly!
Hermit Dave Oct 16 at 10:12
i will try and fix the issue with ad control taking focus. the usual approach is to specify any limitations.. in this case IAP is forever hence i didn't specify anything, I will try to include more details. Regarding the game play, i initially had user option but was advised to take it off. Will try and think of something.. thank you
user2428118 Sep 28 at 11:14
What if you create a different word that consists of the same letters? Will you get points for that as well? By the way, I'd suggest you to have a look at the readability (and grammar / spelling etc.) of your texts.
balpha  Sep 28 at 7:33
Is this really new? Only new apps are elgible for this contest.
StarlitSkies Sep 30 at 12:34
You have to confirm that the game is "new and has never before been displayed publicly" - if you create a straight port of an existing app I'd say that doesn't count. If you've redesigned for Metro then I'd say it's new. Unless someone can confirm otherwise? :o)
Rob Sep 28 at 0:18
So this is a clone of Wordament?
Hermit Dave Oct 16 at 10:13
no wordament allows you choose more than one word.. in this case its only 1 word (in most cases).. you need to figure the word not find words in neighbourhood
Mamta Dalal Sep 27 at 12:19
Need to know more about this app from a developer point of view. All that you have included here is from the end-user point of view. This is one thing I am finding missing in most apps here. But they are adding that now so please update yours as well.
StarlitSkies Sep 30 at 12:35
What sort of extra details are you hoping to read about from a developer point of view? (So I know for when I submit mine!) :o)
Chris Newman Sep 30 at 12:42
Also interested to know what the community are looking for. Is it just "Uses C# and XAML" or do you want streams of pseudocode? :) Shouldn't we let the app speak for itself?