Prepare to defend your media library!

BeatInvaders is a game about space invaders, music, lights, lasers and explosions! After installation, it crawls through your media library and give's you the chance to hunt down all those little alien infections. Play through your beloved songs and archive power-ups, achievements and, if you want, share your highscore with other players!

They key features of the game:

  • Game will be 2D Topdown, the spaceship can move inside the screen boundaries and heads to pointer position (desktop, touch position on touch devices)
  • Play through your favorite tracks in single-track mode, shuffled mode and survival mode
  • Asteroids, various enemies and end-bosses will spawn and interact to your music through the beats per minute and frequency
  • Play LAN with friends
  • Skillshot system
  • Get achievements by beating highscores and getting skillshots
  • Submit your highscore to a global database and share with friends
  • You can submit your suggestions and maybe, they are added on our feature list!

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We are a team of three people from germany, berlin & kassel:

  • Mirko Freudenstein: Graphics and Sound
  • Manuel Herrmann: Website, Server
  • Denis Germ: Game Programming

Release Dates: November.: Beta Demo, Release: December, 6.

For more information and updates feel free to visit or take a look (and a like ;) ?) on

Please note, that the sprites of spaceships build as 3d models, so we will show you those too - but in game, there are no 3d models, only sprites ;)

Technical information's


  • Rendering via SharpDX, DirectX11
  • Plays audio stream from server, shows stars and other graphical stuff based on FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) of the audio signal
  • Game is fully controlled and calculated by the server
  • Server reads and sends the audio stream to clients
  • FFT used for sound analysis
  • FFT analysis / amplitude, frequencies and bpm controlling spawn rate, power-ups, speed etc.

Account / Server

Highscores and achievements are submitted and saved in your account on our main server.



esskar Dec 6 at 11:42
another nice app. great work. 1 up for you!
RobCurr Dec 6 at 15:38
How can you determine that this is a nice app. There is no video or actual game to play and the screenshots are a bunch of renderings and mock-ups? Granted the idea is somewhat novel but the devil is in the details imo.
esskar Dec 6 at 16:09
could be that the screenshots just blended me!
Denis Germ Dec 10 at 10:35
I'm sorry for the "blending". We haven't finished this project yet, i should have mentioned that somewhere. The game is in a Beta state, but we where still busy in the past weeks because of many things to solve (work, study, personally things..) and we didn't hat enough time. But the game is working, its not blending you - we will finish this, but it will take a bit work. And we will replace the 2D Sprites with the Models and make that thing 3D :) Best regards, Denis Germ
Kyle Sevenoaks Nov 28 at 11:20
As a gamer and a musician, I honestly would love this. So much.
Luke Lowrey Nov 26 at 2:05
Should add a hardcore mode where it deletes songs you fail at, or maybe that is a bit extreme.
Ben Cull Nov 26 at 2:18
Ha, that is such a good idea. Now THERE is some motivation.
Denis Germ Nov 28 at 20:00
Haha, thats good =D Or reverse all bytes in that file or something :>
RThomas Oct 31 at 20:42
Very fun idea... I'd love a game that plays me my own music as part of the plot.
Abhinandy Oct 27 at 18:06
Great Great did u build this in XNA and C Sharp?
Denis Germ Oct 29 at 10:14
C Sharp: Yes, XNA: No. We use SharpDX, which is a Framework for DirectX like XNA but XNA is deprecated in Windows 8. Also, our GraphicsProvider is abstract so we can use OpenGL for other platforms (if necessary, currently, its Windows only). If you press the button "Show More" (over the Screenshots field), you can read all technical informations about our game :)
gyurisc Oct 26 at 8:36
Nice icon! Need screenshots
Denis Germ Oct 29 at 10:17
Thank you! I'm sorry, that there are so less screenshots, but developing time was rare the last two weeks because of university (Manuel, Server and Site Manager), renovation of a house (Mirko, Graphics and Audio) and work (me, Programming).. but this week will be better and more productive :)
Dreambeats Oct 25 at 12:40
Love the models so far.
Denis Germ Oct 29 at 10:18
Thank you :) I've updated the first one, showing one of the enemies, with the final skin so far :) Also, look at the developers blog, i've posted some more an the homepage ;)
Denis Germ Oct 29 at 20:59
Update: Now, they are online.. forgot to select the blog entry as "published" >_<
balpha  Oct 11 at 19:53
You logo and your screenshots are broken. I have removed the logo for now, since it slows down all page loads until it eventually times out.
Denis Germ Oct 11 at 21:07
Yes, noticed it, i'm sorry for this, our apache is doing weird stuff.. have to reload it sometimes.. don't know why. Until it's fixed, i will upload the images elsewhere.
vignesh4303 Oct 11 at 9:41
can you add screenshots please,since for games screenshot attracts users
Denis Germ Oct 11 at 9:57
Yes, i will add screenshots as soon as possible. Currently, we're implementing things like lasers and enemies (asteroids are still implemented), and i like to have some of those in the screenshots. But the "Core" part is 75% ready (Graphics, Audio, FFT, Starfields, Wave spectrum, Equalizer spectrum, Communication between server/client, Input and some shaders).