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Sammy Blocks is a puzzle game suitable for all ages. The concept for the game was created by Sam in 9th grade. The object of the game is to get all the colors touching others of the same color along at least one side. You can also try to get all the colors into their own column or row in the 30 blocks mode. Try to beat your lowest score for each level in both win types. You can post your scores on FaceBook for your friends to see and to Game Center on iOS to compete with others. There are nine fixed levels plus a random one so you never will run out of patterns to attempt. In the purchased version, you get a bigger challenge with 30 blocks to maneuver.



Leena Peterson May 25 at 5:00
Please provide the link for "After"
Xyroid May 19 at 3:47
A nice app for children. Best of luck for your app :)
entropy May 18 at 7:58
Please provide more screen shots
Abu May 18 at 7:06
It would be very catchy if you have some graphics or colors for the bloacks
RichardTheKiwi May 18 at 21:57
@Abu I don't know.. even if I were color blind, I should be able to make out 4 or 5 colors from the screenshot?
Brandon Featherston May 20 at 21:23
That makes a good point. Color blind people might have difficulty with this game, as all the shapes are the same. It would be difficult for certain people to keep track of all the colors. Maybe put some "grip" graphics on the blocks?