This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

LINX is the New Tetris, endless fun with blocks!

Not just any block, but the enigmatic L-Block... How many ways can you form four-sided figure with two L-blocks? What about three blocks? Four? Five?

It is deceptively easy to play but a challenge to master!

Be Warned! LINX blocks seamlessly evolve into different colors levels, creating a "One More Block" experience that is highly addictive!

Visuals can be deceiving, Playing is believing





RobCurr 2 days ago
Downloaded and played your app last night and have a few suggestions. Add some contextual help at the beginning at least so that people who dont know how to play will understand what the different powerups do and what the goal of the game is. I figured it out by googling the game and then trial and error after that. I thought that all the powerups should be on the same side; it just seemed odd that the bombs were located in a different spot than the other actions. Finally, I hit a place where I couldn't go on and it didn't terminate the game... was perplexing.
RichardTheKiwi Nov 18 at 10:05
For someone without Win8, would have liked to see some more details.