Finger fortune 8

This is an complete entertainment app , and this will reveal how was the day for the user using their fingerprint... works on snap view cool gui.. timer event is used for changing image and for scanning effect...



Sandeep V Dec 5 at 11:52
Nice to get started, don't forget to upload a video.
Vigneshwaran Vicky Dec 8 at 3:03
sir video about?????
sunder Nov 21 at 9:08
On what basis this will reveal fortune?
Vigneshwaran Vicky Nov 24 at 13:00
reveal future depending on time......
John Haugeland Nov 14 at 23:13
Figured I'd get you started with your first upvote. Good luck!
Vigneshwaran Vicky Nov 24 at 13:01
thanks a lot..............