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Vigneshwaran Vicky

My Apps

Gift box
Open this app a surprise gift is waiting for you !!!!!! purely entertainment based app , every one will be surprised... Windows Store age rating: 16+ Suitable for ages 16 and older.. horror related...
Nov 12 at 20:33 2
Mind Reader 8 is a small entertainment stuff which will amaze the user using some sort of logic behind it. This application is completely incorporated with logic and UI design. the user will think ...
Oct 24 at 13:46 3
Skateboard- Game which consist of many levels, some functionality like jump, boost, right , left movements all can be done using both touch and motion sensor. after completing each levels the user...
Oct 24 at 13:28 1
Finger fortune 8
This is an complete entertainment app , and this will reveal how was the day for the user using their fingerprint... works on snap view cool gui.. timer event is used for changing image and for sca...
Nov 13 at 4:31 4