Game of Numbers

This app is a candidate in the Apptivate.MS semi-finals.

Game of Numbers is a small app that should keep the user entertained and amused while he travels or is waiting.

To play the game you just have to enter one of the 3 game sizes, 25, 36 or 49. After the GO! disappears, you can start clicking at numbers in the correct order. When you hit the last number, you are asked for your name to be stored in the leader board. In case you do not want that, you can just cancel the dialog.

Updated Status

The app is now published, you can download it from the store. Have fun :)

Future development

For the future I want to add the follwing functionality:

  • Statistics
  • Achievements
  • Difficulty levels
  • Cloud integration (login with Microsoft account, Google, Facebook and Twitter)

In case anybody wants to help with the localization of the app, I can send them the resource file.




Santhoshkumar Nov 22 at 6:56
Looking cool. I think change the color combination of blue and green :)
Chery Nov 22 at 9:40
Thanks for the tip :) I will try to find a better combination, but that will come with and update. I already sent it to Microsoft :)
John Haugeland Nov 27 at 22:26
I think the blue and green are fine, but if you want to change them, one great place to do color stuff is Adobe Kuler. Gave you a vote because this contest needs more games.
RichardTheKiwi Dec 5 at 22:48
Agree with John. Games are where it's at. A tip - 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 is far easier to comprehend than 25, 36, 49.