Location Matrix

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This Application Includes the Features listed below 1 -) Shows Location of the User and user can search for any location on map .

2 -) User's Live id contact's list is shown in List menu , whenever user selects the contacts , that contact's location is marked on the map so that user can visit if he wants .

3 -) Synchronization of contacts with Live id as user can also add the contact to hotmail account from the application itself .

4 -) On the basis of his current location weather information is shown for the same location.

5 -) Twitter functionality is included so that user can tweet from within the application .

6 -) Accident alarm is there in the app itself , this features supports orientation also . If the device has orientation sensors and user tilts the device more than 50 degree and accident alarm is on, then automatic tweet will be sent to some selected friends(will ask the twitter handle while user will on the accident security ).

7 -) User can save notes and that notes can be synchronized to atmost 5 people if user wants ,on the basis of registration in app .

This is a beta version of full app so , may be you find this not very accurate . I will be updating it soon in the next release .




HJV Dec 3 '12 at 7:43
Wow.. Really a nice concept i like it..
Abizern Dec 2 '12 at 9:57
Some things you should consider fixing: - Inconsistent use of typography - you use serif and sans-serif typefaces for button labels. - Inconsistent use of colour - Dark map screen, Green memo screen, White and purple splash screen. - Button sizes and colours aren't consistent - I've already mentioned the use of serif and sans-serif typefaces - Happy text ("Hello, you are welcome to Location Matrix") is archaic and looks unprofessional.
nineT9D Dec 2 '12 at 17:12
Hey , I will definitely look into these issues , i mean all the interface things . Hope you liked the whole concept , will be updating it soon once it gets updated with the version submitted , i will upon this interface thing . I am glad you posted your invaluable feedback.
sree charan Dec 2 '12 at 8:17
Nice idea and you gotta increase the synchronisation count, i mean more than 5 members. By the way it is a good idea to have it in iOS as well, Good Luck.
nineT9D Dec 2 '12 at 9:17
Will try to do that in further updates and also try to port that too, Glad you liked it.:)
Sandeep V Dec 1 '12 at 13:13
Looked like a good concept, looking forward to see your app in the store.
nineT9D Dec 1 '12 at 16:39
Hey, i am glad you liked it . Will be there on the store soon.
SilentKiller Nov 28 '12 at 7:09
Nice App... if map shows me the route to my friends that would also a very good feature...
Ojas Sinha Nov 28 '12 at 7:17
Route will be shown but in the update or will try to include the route in this release only . Thanks
SilentKiller Nov 29 '12 at 7:21
ohk thats good...
Ashwin Singh Nov 24 '12 at 12:20
Nice concept....
nineT9D Nov 26 '12 at 12:48
thanks , Will be uploading it soon.
chintan khetiya Nov 28 '12 at 5:19
Good and Nice Concept.
nineT9D Nov 28 '12 at 6:47
Thanks chintan will be uploading it soon.
ashraf Dec 7 '12 at 3:16
One thing I looking forward to is GUI concept. So I don't like it.
nineT9D Dec 7 '12 at 6:11
I really appreciate your feedback fro the app . I have mentioned in the description that maybe some features are missing or not complete because this is the beta version . I will be releasing the updates in next week or soon.Thanks!! Cheers!!