in 140 characters or less.

The Micropoetry app speaks the poetry to you on a series of animated tiles. If you are feeling creative, add your own Micropoem using 140 characters or less. Powered by Windows Azure Mobile Services and Windows 8 features.

Windows 8 Features

  • Live Tile functionality for Application Tile in Square and Wide format
  • App Bar commands presented programatically at the convenient moment
  • Micropoetry Data-base and services powered by the wonders of Windows Azure Mobile Services
  • Integrated Windows 8 look and feel by using the Animation Library suite animations
  • Metered Connection detection & support for a low bandwidth mode to respect the user and prevent unexpected or excessive data charges on roaming, fixed, and variable cost data plans
  • Share Contract, Source for sending Micropoems to any Share enabled app
  • PlayTo Contract, Source enables app audio voiceover to be sent to any DLNA speakers on the network through the Devices charm
  • Fixed Layout scales beautifully from 10" Tablets to 27" and larger displays with the viewbox control
  • Conforms to the Windows Silohuette and built in controls giving the user a sense of immediate familiarity.




StarlitSkies Dec 2 at 20:25
Your download link doesn't work :o(
Software Developer Dec 3 at 13:45
Link should be working, got the certification email and posted the link but it took a while to become live, guess because it was sunday. Link should be active to the Windows Store apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/en-US/app/micropoetry/…
StarlitSkies Dec 1 at 14:14
Rather like the idea of this app :o) Looking forward to giving it a try :o)
mvark Dec 1 at 11:28
Is this a single page app? What happens to older entries? It wasn't clear from the video or screenshot.
Software Developer Dec 1 at 14:02
So far it is a single page, just started a few hours before posting the concept here. But if you count the Privacy Policy settings flyout that makes 2 pages. The main idea is there and complete in the video, it's intended for more passive use and consumption, the poetry automatically rotates in random content as poems are spoken. Will be including a method to up or down vote poems and a few category selection options available from the app bar. Older entries just get old and go in the mix with everything else but could be purged by x downvotes. Probably add poem pages/comments down the road
Software Developer Dec 1 at 5:33
Check out my other 2 contest entries -> Rorschach Test (Inkbot test) apptivate.ms/apps/1369/rorschach-test Pub Quiz Trivia Game apptivate.ms/apps/43/pub-quiz
Julius A Dec 3 at 17:18
I like the concept. I have reservations on you Ux, it seems to have too much content at a glance or is it many color codes? Either way i would prefer fewer tiles per page to make it visually appealing. Just some thoughts