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Lab Rat

Lab Rat is a comic that tells the story between the amazingly great games from Valve, Portal & Portal 2. Valve created this comic to tell how they connect. I love Portal & the comics so much I just had to have a fantastic way to share and show off those comics no matter where I go - so I created this simple app.

The application includes the English, Russian & text free versions of the comics in amazingly high resolution and the full screen experience & touch capabilities really show off the Microsoft Design Style.

For Developers: This is a really simple application, load the images that ship as content in the application and display with a flipview (full screen) or listview (snapped). The application is built using XAML & C# and implements MVVM using the AtomicMVVM framework.

The really tough bits involved were not the code but getting all the content right, some notes on that:

  • Resizing the images. The originals are massive, far bigger than the biggest resolution supported by Windows 8. So using Irfanview batch feature I resized them smaller
  • The Russian language only comes in PDF, so I needed to extract them which meant learning a new tool: Portable PDF-XChange Viewer
  • The Russian language version in the application also meant that I named folders RU, EN etc... but this was picked up as localised resources and gave me some headaches when publishing.




Mamta Dalal 20 hours ago
Ok, seems like the same person who developed Bing My Lockscreen has developed this one too. Both are looking good so far. I need to explore them more. Kudos for the innovative concepts!
Prince Ashitaka yesterday
Nice UI! But, violet color in the slider and toggle doesn't go good. :)