Robert MacLean

Nestled in a typical open plan development office at BBD, you will find Robert MacLean’s desk where this passionate technology specialist is often working on the latest and greatest technology from Microsoft.

This desk is often vacant as he can often be found presenting, demo’ing, networking or drinking free beer at the many conferences, events, user groups & communities.

While many say he is a great developer, his top two highlights are an son & winning the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) of the Year in 2011.

When not at work or at community events he can be found still coding for his many personal projects (that he hopes will bring him fame and fortune or at least a thank you from a person who has benefited from them) or for Microsoft through his involvement in the Microsoft Rangers.

He often shares his thoughts, lesson learnt and tools at and can be found on Twitter

My Apps

Bing My Lockscreen
Introduction Bing has the greatest images & now you can get use them for your lock screen! Bing My Lockscreen allows you to select from the eight most recent Bing images and quickly select w...
Sep 27 at 7:34
Lab Rat
Lab Rat is a comic that tells the story between the amazingly great games from Valve, Portal & Portal 2. Valve created this comic to tell how they connect. I love Portal & the comics so muc...
Sep 29 at 9:58
South African Postal Codes
Introduction South Africa, as with many countries in the world, uses a numerical postal code system to help work out where to delivery mail – however besides some high level consistency there real...
Sep 29 at 11:56
Notepad Classic
Introduction Sometimes you just need a simple tool, for a simple job and while Microsoft offers the FANTASTIC OneNote MX available for Windows 8 to use, it may is just too much. With that in mind,...
Oct 5 at 16:45 80
Introduction Do you wish you could stick a note to your start screen? NOW YOU CAN! Pin-a-note, allows you to store your notes in this fantastic application, and then pin any to the start screen s...
Oct 9 at 6:00 15
Image Grabber
Introduction This is really a simple app, find images on a website and pull them down to your machine so you can browse them, save them or share them. There is some special logic for some websites...
Oct 26 at 14:02
English to Afrikaans to English
Introduction South Africa, the amazing country I live in, has 11 official languages including the language of Afrikaans which I can muddle my way through speaking. However often I struggle and tha...
Nov 15 at 6:11 4

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