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This app is a Grand Prize Winner in the Apptivate.MS developer contest!

Binary file analyzer developed using HTML5 technologies (FileReader / ArrayBuffers)

  • Large file support
  • Low memory footprint
  • Range Selection
  • Copy to Clipboard as Text/Hex

These features have not yet been ported to the Windows version and are a works in progress:

  • Bookmarks
  • Search

Some interesting things (or not) encountered during the port:

  • ArrayBuffer does not have the 'slice' method on IE10

  • My 'before' app expected a 'File' object, whereby the FileOpenPicker returned an object of type 'StorageFile', this question on SO provided a solution



RichardTheKiwi May 28 '13 at 4:24
Reminds me of the old Norton DiskEdit. Made me feel that every OS should include a hex editor.