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South African Postal Codes

South Africa, as with many countries in the world, uses a numerical postal code system to help work out where to delivery mail – however besides some high level consistency there really is very little rhyme or reason in the numbers.

This little tool allows you to search, share, browse & pin the postal codes you need – when you need it!

For Developers:

This tool was inspired by my Postal Code apps for Windows Phone 7 – and really allowed me to experiment with the concept of how you can take & share development resources (including code) between two platforms.

The WP7 application used AtomicPhoneMVVM while this used AtomicMVVM so the code sharing was very interesting.

A particular tough problem was how to generate the secondary tile, when all tiles in Windows 8 need an image, and I had none - just text. The solution was to generate an image with text on at runtime. It is a particular slow part of the application so I am hoping to revisit and improve it in the future.