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Metro style Twitter client. With Zwitscher you have a simple but beautiful metro style Twitter client for your Windows 8 system. The android app was design for phones without the metro style but the android holo design.




gurehbgui May 30 at 12:06
I need some more votes please
RichardTheKiwi May 29 at 6:10
It's a valiant effort for sure, but can you describe how your app stacks up against Tweetro, MetroTwit and Rowi?
gurehbgui May 29 at 6:32
Sure, against these apps my apps hase less features but it will get it. This will be the first release of my app so its just the basics. but more features will be available
gurehbgui May 28 at 14:21
Please vote for me :) i Hope my App. Will be in The store in The next 2 days
Aditya Patil May 28 at 8:05
My reputation not more than 15 So I cant vote But I think If you developed Twitter Client App then it will be best... Keep Going... Eager to see This App on Store
gurehbgui May 28 at 11:15
thank you. I voted your app already. I think I did it yesterday.