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pikSpeak Camera

At BlueBox Labs, we have always believed that it's not just about taking pictures, it's about capturing moments. To make it an even richer experience, we are glad to present "pikSpeak" - a Camera app that adds an extra dimension to the picture taken. Using this app you can capture the real background audio while clicking a photo. You can store your audible-image in a cloud storage, share it on Facebook, or download on your desktop, and relive the memories as these audible-images make the picture come alive. PikSpeak is a great app to summarize outdoor trips. For group photo sessions use PikSpeak to capture some perfect "say Cheeeese" moments !! Sample images at Instructions - Use PikSpeak as a normal Android camera !!!! Features * PikSpeak captures audio at the moment of the photo capture. * Share on Facebook from within the app. * Set the duration of audio to record. * PikSpeak lets you save and view these audible-images on your desktop. * Use pikSpeak to add a Cam you can expand your creativity in a different direction. * An audible-image clicked through pikspeak is only ~10% larger than a normal image. Whats new in version 1.1 * Pikspeak desktop client now available at * Instream viewing of pikspeak audible-image is now available for facebook. Website : Keywords: pikSpeak, audible-image, photo, image, sound, audio, photo with sound, picture with sound, Galaxy S 4 Sound & Shot, camera



RichardTheKiwi May 29 '13 at 6:16
Hmm, why wouldn't I capture video instead?