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Refresh, rebuild and enhance your vocabulary bank in an exciting Quiz format. You not only Play and Learn, but even surprise yourself with words which are known, unknown,heard,unheard,used and in-use. Get addicted to dominating the scores on the Leaderboard !!!

Windows store app is undergoing certification ...

This application provides two modes Study and Quiz Mode

Quiz mode : In time controlled environment set of words will be shown and based on response final score will be calculated. Score will be added to Leader Board

Study mode : Similar to Quiz mode except there is no time limit and leader board will not be updated.

Favorite List : At the end of game user can review the responses and save it to Favorite list to view them later.



Blynn Jun 5 at 13:14
This looks like a fun game I'm going to try it once it's in the Windows Store. Vote for me I'm voting for you.
Sachin S Jun 6 at 4:31
Thank you!!!!!!
RichardTheKiwi Jun 3 at 5:00
You need an "after" link, and you need it very soon before the contest ends
Sachin S Jun 3 at 5:40
Well you are absolutely right. App is under certification right now which can go either way. I was under time pressure and have left some features for next update like live tile and share target. Let's see how certification works out :).
RichardTheKiwi Jun 4 at 12:08
Now that definitely looks a lot more Windows 8 like
Sachin S Jun 4 at 14:38
Yeah Windows 8 provides lot of cool features(I am just able to use some as of now, more to come in next updates). Especially the one you can snap one app and work on other. Snapping app is really useful and I think big competitive advantage for Windows 8 tablets.
RichardTheKiwi May 19 at 23:50
I've always liked Reader's digest's vocab tests. This app looks like fun.
Sachin S May 20 at 19:29
Thank you for encouragement :)
Sachin S May 31 at 15:30
Check out the new windows store app snapshots.