To-Do Today

It is a checklist app in metro style with a cool metro UI .Old Idea with modern touch. It stores the thing you want to remember and then mark it done or undone and also delete all the tasks if you dont wanna do any .



CodeToGlory Oct 17 at 1:00
Voted up. All the best. Please review my app as well:
Vignes Kumar Oct 12 at 2:45
gud one da... congrats...
vignesh4303 Oct 11 at 9:43
how does this differ from "task scheduler" in windows,the things which you mentioned can be easily done through task scheduler
Hari Haran Oct 11 at 16:05
not all know what a task scheduler is and a app would make it easy and better to do such tasks that is the intension of this app thanx for the comment :)
vignesh4303 Oct 14 at 13:25
have a look at this link to know about task scheduler and i have added link for xp for your easy reference,now analyze again and submit your app scope
Hari Haran Oct 14 at 15:33
:) my app aims at making it easy for users to do such tasks in a metro app .Its a old idea with a modern interface .
John Haugeland Nov 14 at 23:14
It's elegant and simple and you did a good job. I'm giving you an upvote, and I hope you do well in the contest.